This Is The Year
Poetry Anthology

Highly Commended:
by Christina 


Just stop talking, 


Your mood ever so changes, 

The more you talk, 

So just do us all a favor, 

And silence yourself, 


Just stop talking, 




Close your eyes, 

Just shut them, 

Feel how utterly peaceful the world goes, 

When you don't have to face your problems, 

Suddenly there’s light at the end of the tunnel, 

Miraculously the cup becomes half full, 

But then again, 

I have to open my eyes, 

And I am no longer blind towards my problems, 

And my demons sneak back in, 

Into my brain, 

And there I am, 

Dead again. 


It’s a cliche, 

But no one understands, 

The more I talk, 

The more ignored I get, 

People only want to hear the right things, 

The things that can be fixed, 

And suddenly become deaf to the unfixable problems, 

Of my everyday life. 


I never realised, 

How awfully miserable, 

The people around me, 

Make me feel. 



That is what I am, 

Nothing more, 

But don't worry, 

I'll look on the bright side for you, 

Just for you. 







Save me, 

Is all I can say, 

Nothing but save me, 

I can’t tell you from what, 

But please do, 

Save me. 



Numbness is the best thing to feel, 

Separated from the world, 

Unable to feel, 

Feelings are the cruelest things ever, 

Alongside love, 

But that’s a different poem, 

Happiness always disappears, 

Sadness never sticks, 

But numbness, 

Is bittersweet. 


Have you ever wondered, 

How terribly mysterious, 

Words seem to be, 

You can never tell the truth behind, 

A good lie. 




But not for yourself, 

For others, 

As others with never understand, 

What’s underneath, 

So smile, 

And keep smiling. 


Stop trying, 

As I am everything you are, 

And until you leave, 

I’ll stay put, 

I’ll stay in your head, 

Slowly but surely, 

Killing you, 

So stop, 

As you are failing miserably. 






Thank you for the experience, 

But fortunately, 

I’ll never fall in love again, 

I must never, 

Fall into a pit, 

And barely get out, 

So therefore, 

I’ll never fall in love again, 

But at the end of the day, 

We need to be grateful, 

Of everything we are given, 

Good or bad. 



I’ve always suffered silently, 

And I always will, 

So when you tell me to open up, 

I remain closed, 

When you ask me to tell you the truth, 

I lie, 

That's how I am, 

So don’t get upset, 

Or blame yourself for my problems, 





Beautifully miserable, 

It’s how I like to describe things, 

Nothings bad nor good, 

Beautiful nor miserable, 

It’s just beautifully miserable, 

And that’s how life should be, 

There’s always a bad side to the good, 

And always a good side to the bad, 

So therefore everything should remind as is, 

Beautifully miserable.   


My demons, 

Are as much a part of me as I am, 

So when I show you my true colors.


Highly Commended:
by Tiny Cingoz

Highly Commended:
This Year
by Anonymous