In collaboration with BlockBuilders

Future Streets: Minecraft Workshops

Calling all future urban planners, architects and builders! Design the streets of the future with us through Minecraft 

Programme Details

Cost: Fee waived by King's




Imagine it is 50 years from now: it is the year 2070; What will your street, your neighbourhood, your city look like?  In this workshop you will build your own future.

In collaboration with BlockBuilders, we are delivering free minecraft workshops to build the streets of the future.


Recommended for 7 to 11-year olds. 

How do I sign up?

In order to register for a place on the programme, sign up with the relevant host partners listed below.

Please note that some sessions are reserved for current youth centre members or attendees. 

Note for parents and carers 

Utopia Now is a research project based at King’s College London. We want to find out more about about the kind of society that young people want to live in. We are particularly interested in the views of young people living in the neighbourhoods of Lambeth and Southwark. We want to know more about what hopes and fears that young people have for the future, and what they think the role of health and medicine will be in this future society.  

For further information about what is involved in participating in the workshops, please read the full information that will be provided to you upon registration.