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One Day in 2070

Flash Fiction Anthology

Orange Abstract

Highly Commended:
Drip, Drip, Drip 
by anonymous

Drip. Drip. Drip.


2070. A year of death, despair, destruction and doubt. The sky red and my mind numb. The smell of iron was hinting at the blood from the person we just killed.


2070. A year of survival. Every man, woman, and everything in between for themselves. A man’s opinion still overpowers any woman's. Homeless people are still homeless, poor people are getting poorer and the rich are still getting richer. The government only care about their power and money and not the people being affected by their cruel laws.


How did we get here? How did we become like this? Did things have to be this way?


“We had to do it to stay alive, Tora.”


She pulled me out of my thoughts before I drowned in them. I keep trying my best not to succumb to the everlasting feeling of guilt and frustration that was slowly, but surely, catching up to me, but Tammie still continues to snap me back into reality before I even figure out what's going on.


“We had no choice…” I reassured myself, while staring at the blood seeping through the wounds that I had created on my former best friend’s body. I did this. I wouldn’t have done this under normal circumstances. It’s not my fault.


Tammie started walking away from the body, and I followed suit. It’s always like this. I know that this hurts her too, but she never speaks to me about how she feels.


“All done?” Lex asked us with a soft yet sinister smile. Tammie was fiddling with the sleeves of her hoodie, that had been dyed a deep shade of red because of Hana’s blood.


“He’s gone.” I muttered, trying my best to not remember the state I left his body in.


“Chin up Tora, it’s not like I forced you to do it. He could’ve stayed alive. You chose your life over his.”


Tammie grabbed my arm. “It’s not worth it. Let’s go home, we need some rest before we kill again tomorrow.”


We walked off, as our leader cackled near the body.


“You're nothing without your sister, Toto!” Lex shouted, while purposefully trying to irritate me. Tammie rubbed my blood-stained hands. She was the only thing stopping me from getting myself into a fight I knew I was going to lose.


We went home, cleaned ourselves up, ate and tried to fall asleep. I was unsuccessful in my attempt as the sound of the dripping blood plagued my mind.

Watercolor Abstract

Highly Commended:
The Government
by Caelan Ho

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