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One Day in 2070

Flash Fiction Anthology

Under the Sea

The Big Reveal
by Ishika Sood

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Global warming saves our Future

The meaning of evolution has completely changed due to this spectacular discovery.

“It seems impossible, it seems beyond the universe. It is like I am experiencing a dream. Yet I am standing in the very reality where the impossible becomes the possible.”- Mr. Akarsh Anand from Queens College

Global Warming is or was about to end our planet in chaos. The sea levels were swiftly rising. Countries near the equator were suffering now more than ever. Even the most invulnerable parts of Russia and Canada were feeling the everlasting heat. Things were getting harder and harder for our people.

Global warming was hitting us forcefully in the face. However, the earth showed us a solution. A way to make things right. It showed us a cure. A cure that was found under the very icebergs that the sun was melting. On the next page we are going to answer the big question. HOW?

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Under the ice

WWF had sent out a team of scouts to check out how fast the ice was melting. This organisation sent a team of experienced young adults with two lifeboats.

“We set out examining the ice and were astonished by how the levels had rose compared to the last time we had visited the pole,” explained Ava Brown.

“You never know what you are going to find”- Explorer of WWF

The team set out thinking their return would change how they were reacting to Global warming, instead they came back with vital information on how to save humanity. 

“We were just taking some samples when my friend, Leslie, shouted at us. We could not understand a thing, but she sounded very much surprised," said David Dashner. 

“We sprinted to the part of ice that Leslie seemed to be looking at and stared! The ice had not melted at all there. It was as if the sun hadn’t touched it.”-Ava Brown

The team seemed amazed, so they climbed all around the iceberg but found not a thing. Then some people swam underneath the ice and found the cause of the supernatural events.

“It was a garden of purple and green herbs,” Oliver Wood described.

Good swimmers swam down in the floating like bed. Some reluctant hands even held the plant. The team had just discovered a plant that gave life. A plant that could save the whole human race. 

As soon as the herb touched the hands of the WWF team, they somehow felt stronger. Better. Oliver Wood, leader of the team, suggested to take back a few samples.

“On the boat to WWF I felt so lively and dumbfounded at the same time!”-David D

The leaders of the world were immediately alerted after the WWF scientists had experimented with the samples. The scientists decided that 100 people from around the world would be observed while eating the plant.

People from all around the world are holding their breath.

“The results were life changing.”

- Mrs. Larayna Rothberg at Atlantic undersea research department

Here is a detailed report of what happened…

After 68 hours of observation, we found that the human’s DNA and internal organs started to alter, especially in the lungs. It became a hybrid of lungs and gills. The herb seemed to have given people the ability to breath under the water!


When life first appeared on earth it evolved  from the ocean on to land. The cells that we used in the ocean became dormant. Interaction with this herb has caused these dormant cells to awaken! But...         

What was in the plant that activated our dormant cells?


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Life changing results



This herb has been thriving under the sea for centuries. The remains of ocean species have settled down on the herb.


Somehow, the DNA of these creatures has been intergrated into the root of the plant. It could be this DNA that activated the dormant cells which caused the mutation.

The weather this week is average 41 degree Celsius/105 Fahrenheit.

Cooler than usual, sun all day and 23 percent chance of rain.

The final change

“We can do this, we can survive”

- Anonymous


Global Warming has consumed our planet for three years. Millions of people are suffering. Things could not be worse. However, nature has given us chance to survive. Things will now be changing. We believe that in a few years humans will be evolving much faster.


In due time, us air-breathing humans could live under the water. We have evolved from monkeys and chimpanzees to developed human beings. With the help of this new herb we will evolve much faster and we will be able to survive this era!

Despite that, we need to think why Global Warming happened. It happened because of us using up the earth’s materials more and more.


Now the earth itself has represented an opportunity for us to thrive but we should never forget the lessons learnt the hard way!

This article was written by Ishika Sood

Reference: All pictures are taken from internet and for illustrative purpose only. The names of all people are fictional.

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Issued on the 10th of April 2070

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