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One Day in 2070

Flash Fiction Anthology


Highly Commended:
Inside the Future 
by Janice Ho

“Beep, beep, beep” 

I felt a furry paw slap my head a few times and heard my lights switch on. I slowly opened one of my eyes, then opened the other. Yellow light immediately flooded into my eyesight. Once my vision had cleared, I saw a little furry face staring down at me. 


“I’VE GOT A DOG!” I shouted, “I’VE GOT A DOG!” 

However, when I peered closer at the dog, I started to notice that it was actually a robot dog! 

“Huh… a robot dog” I thought to myself, “Have I been in a coma or what?” 

Out of nowhere, I heard a buzzing. I looked around frantically desperate to find the fly so I could swat it. However, to my relief, I just saw a small drone flying through my window. Hanging from the drone was some steaming waffles with maple syrup drizzled on the top and a few berries. Seeing this breakfast was so distracting that my only concern was eating this delicious meal and not the fact that my food was being carried by a drone.  

Once the drone was about a few inches away from me, I quickly grabbed the steaming waffles from the tray and placed it on my lap. The drone flew out and I immediately tucked into my food. With every bite, I sighed in delight. The waffles had just about the right crunchiness and softness and the fruit evened out the sweetness of the maple syrup. Once I had finished my breakfast, I placed the empty and clean plate on my small desk.  

Contentedly, I stared at the ceiling wondering why on earth I had a robot dog or why a drone was carrying my food. It came to my senses that I could possibly be in the future. With this thought in my head, I quickly jumped up from my bed and looked out of my bedroom window. However, what I saw next was so shocking that my mouth immediately dropped open. Instead of blocks of buildings, I saw pods. Lots and lots of pods everywhere. I quickly opened my window to see that I was living in a pod myself!  I immediately shut the window and was breathing heavily. 

“I’m in the future. I’M IN THE FUTURE!” I thought to myself. 

With this thought in my head, I quickly got out of my bed and folded my duvet. Once my bedroom was neat and tidy, I put on a jacket from my closet and opened the door. Outside my bedroom was a hoverboard that was laying on the wall. I carefully picked it up and examined it not wanting to break it. However, I saw a waterproof sticker on the board saying my name. 

“Wow,” I muttered to myself. “I own a hoverboard!”  

I placed the hoverboard carefully onto the ground and turned on the on button. Immediately, the hoverboard started hovering about 3 inches off the ground. I found this so cool that I immediately jumped onto it to give it a try. I tilted forward so that the hoverboard could start moving again. Once the hoverboard started moving, I decided to try navigate myself towards the bathroom where I could do my morning routine. Once I had brushed my teeth and washed my face, I got off my hoverboard and placed it back where it was. Wanting to go out and explore the world of 2070, I quickly shouted out to my mum that I was going out. I grabbed my coat and pressed the button to open my front door. 

Walking through the city was very strange as I wasn’t used to seeing pods everywhere. After a little while I grew tired and decided to head to a local café near my house. Once inside, I sat down at a table and looked at an iPad that had been set in front of me. On the iPad, you got to pick what you wanted to eat and drink and then you had to put in your table number. As I waited for my food to be given to me, I wondered why I could’ve been in the future. After a few minutes of daydreaming, I was broken from my train of thoughts by a sharp prod.


“Ow!” I exclaimed.  

Immediately, I turned around to see who had hurt me. What I saw next was so bizarre! A robot carrying my food!


“Hello my name is Bob and I am your waiter for today. Here is your latte and your cake pop. If you have any problems miss, then please press this red button right here and I will come to help you.”  

“So I really am in the world of 2070,” I thought to myself. Excited to try out more in this world I quickly finished up all of my latte and stored my cake pop into the pocket of my jacket wanting to save it for later.  

I quickly rushed out of the café store and continued walking down the streets. But, as I walked, I started to see that many people were addicted to technology. Everywhere I looked, everyone was on their phones, laptops or some type of device.  

“Maybe being in the future wasn’t so good after all,” I thought to myself. 

The whole place was quiet and everyone was unsocial which was very unsettling as I was very used to socialising with other people.  

Wanting to explore the world further, I turned left into a narrow alleyway. As I continued walking down the alleyway, the further I went, the less people I saw. It made me start to wonder whether I had made the right decision in making this turn.  

Suddenly, I saw a boy being held at a gun point position by a tall man.

“Who are you? And lower that gun,” I shouted. 

However, he didn’t answer my question and instead of lowering his gun, the man let go of the little boy and slowly turned to me with bloodshot eyes. Now I was the victim…  

Just before he pulled the trigger… 

“Beep, beep, beep!” 

I quickly jumped up from my bed and was panting and sweating heavily. I was back in my old room and was very thankful that it was just a dream. I reached into my pocket and felt something spongy… I pulled it out and it was a cake pop! Had I been dreaming or was it actually reality? 

Watercolor Abstract

Highly Commended:
The Government
by Caelan Ho

Orange Abstract

Highly Commended:
Drip, Drip, Drip
by anonymous

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