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This is the Year

Poetry Anthology


Highly Commended:
Life in Lockdown
by Florence Hellier 

Florence Hellier photo.jpeg

“Life in Lockdown” is a dystopian book I've read 

I wish it could be more utopian instead 

In dystopian books, something bad always happens 

Society crumbles and then it flattens 


I guess this is now my life 


Millions of people using Zoom everyday 

Zoom creators must be having parties 

saying “cheers” and “hooray” 

That is though, if they can anyway 


We can’t see friends or family 

What does the virus want us to be? 

Washing our hands 24/7 

Tisn’t much fun 

I bet that 0.1% of germs must be in heaven 

Oh I wish life in Lockdown could be fun and exciting 

I guess not now - no-one can be kind and inviting 

Lockdown life has not been that great at all 

We can’t even go see beautiful places 

like Paris or some amazing waterfall 


This whole disaster will be a sad memory in a few years 

But for now let’s live our lives and hold back our tears 

This will be a good story to tell our families in the future 

Or spread the word and become a future preacher 

In a hundred years people will find this boring 

And will probably drop their heads on their school desks and start snoring 

But those who lived through this will know and will hate 

What the Coronavirus did to us 

It made us isolate 


“Life in Lockdown” - have you read it too? 

How did you find it? 

In this dystopia what would you do? 


Highly Commended:
by Tiny Cingoz


Highly Commended:
This Year
by Aaliyah Weekes

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