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This is the Year

Poetry Anthology


Highly Commended:
by Tiny Cingoz 

TinyCingoz _version 2.jpg

Covid-19 dont be so mean  

Go away to another team  

Happiness is going down the stream 

You’ve made us ban hugs and kisses for one cup of tea 

Saving our family is our priority  

So please covid-19 don’t be so mean  

we all wish to be free 

Your damage is done  

So run run run 

We’re all crying on the floor 

we can’t take no more 

You should say thank you to the NHS for cleaning up your mess  

I’m telling you what you’ve done 

So now you should move on  

The world has been put behind bars   

We can’t hug can’t kiss can only miss  

The future of loved ones is at risk 

So we ask you nicely  

Please covid-19 don’t be so mean.


First Prize:
by Sarah Singh


Highly Commended:
This Year
by Aaliyah Weekes

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